Together, let’s discover ERDF’s new visual identity

Breath life into your network by creating your own Davatar - a living representation of your Twitter or Facebook profile!

Every Davatar created will join in the discovery of ENEDIS’s new visual identity and participate in it’s official unveiling.

Everyone connected, each one unique

Much like the digital network, the electrical network is invisible to us. Yet we rely on it tremendously, to keep us connected to one another in our daily lives.

Each Davatar is generated by an algorithm that translates your social behaviour (activity patterns, community engagement, degree of influence...) into a graphic, interactive representation. Each creature is unique - no one Davatar is the same.

As the creatures are created, they will accumulate and connect with all the others right here, on the site. You will be actively participating in the materialization of the network.

Davatars: the details

How are Davatars created?

Sitting at the intersection of data-art, generative creation and interactive design, Davatars relies on an algorithm to generate an image of your social behaviour.

Want to know more? Discover the process!

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Innovation, creation and ENEDIS

The Davatars project offers an exclusive, interactive, participative experience to the public, encouraging anyone present on social media to take part in revealing ERDF’s new identity.

An ambitious proposition from a company in the midst of a full digital transformation.

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Davatars: the details

Since late 2015, France’s public electricity distributor ENEDIS has released a new generation of smart electricity meters.

These new smart meters send automated readings to ENEDIS allowing the company to better position itself as a true digital player while also reinforcing its use of renewable energy sources..

By establishing a balance between the needs of consumers and the importance of renewable energy for tomorrow's world, ENEDIS is paving the way for the future of energy consumption.

Revealing the faces of the network

The Davatar experience emphasizes the intangible yet indispensable digital network by focussing on social platforms and their users.

Data, the future of the network

It’s no secret that digital technology has profoundly impacted the way we communicate with each other and consume information.

Smart objects allow us to better understand the needs of businesses, cities, and the people who populate them. This creates the space to anticipate and offer services better adapted to the needs of each.

About Enedis

ERDF manages the public electricity distribution network for 95 of continental France, and employs 39000 people.

With over 35 million customers serviced, ENEDIS develops, operates, and maintains 1.4 million kilometres of low and medium voltage network and manages its associated data.

ENEDIS performs client connections and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as with meter readings and any technical interventions needed.

The company functions independently from energy suppliers, who in turn are tasked with selling and managing electricity supply contracts.


Data art: using information as a creative tool

The Davatars are generated by an algorithm that translates your social behaviour (activity patterns, community engagement, degree of influence...) into a graphic, interactive representation.

Each creature is unique - no one Davatar is the same.


The base look and color of your Davatar is dependant on which social platform you connect with.

Then comes the shape, which is defined by your visibility on the platform - how many followers or friends you have for example.


The size of your antennae represent how dynamic you are within your community, and the degree to which you actively participate.

The more social you are, the more outwardly they’ll face!

Social Aura

The little particles floating around your Davatar represent the level of activity you have on the platform.

Are you quiet or more of a chatterbox?


Are you curious? Or shy? Your Davatar’s facial expression depends on all the criteria mentioned above

While its eyes contain a randomized value that reinforces the true uniqueness of each creature generated.

What happens to my data?

Your Davatar is generated by a very simple set of data: how long your account has existed, the number of followers you have accumulated, the amount of status updates you have posted…

Once these are accessed, the creature is created and will exist on the Davatars website as a living photograph. It won’t maintain any link to your social account.

We don’t access any sensitive information and we don’t share your information with third parties.


A unique, participatory project

The digital makes Enedis’ mission evolve.

In order to illustrate it’s new visual identity, the company is inviting everyone to participate in the Davatar experience - a unique, quirky, social experiment that sits at the crossroad of data, creation and the network.

Driven by innovation and accessible to anyone with a social media account, the experience is a reflection of the company’s technology-focused ambition.

Revealing the faces of the network

Whether we’re dealing with access to electricity, communication or the Internet, it’s indisputable that our lives have become inexorably linked with the intangible networks we rely on for our day to day activities and interactions.

Davatars gives everyone the ability to see what their activity on the network looks like.

It’s a way of highlighting our individual differences all while underlining our belonging to the wider community.

A collaboration at the intersection of art, technology and communication

Together with Bright’s studio division and interactive designer Romain Cazier - a graduate of the prestigious ECAL (Lausanne) design school, Davatars is the product of a new type of collaboration for ENEDIS.

Bright’s mandate to explore innovative modes of communication through cutting-edge, experimental digital creation is made possible thanks to the ambition, trust and support of companies like ENEDIS.

Exploration with an eye toward the future

Davatars takes a novel approach to communication by placing users at the center of the project, with an emphasis on their active participation. This is a project that is not only open to, but encourages conversation. An essential mindset for a company poised to become a major player in the French digital landscape.